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I dont see any reason why any sane person should be visiting my blog,but now that you are here,i assume ... ;) . I live to eat more than i eat to live.hey.Who moved my cheese??? :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life Goes On

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Breathe Easy

Made this post last week.problem with blogger ensured the postdating

Attended the final class finally!!!!How did it feel????Made me feel old :( But then good things in life dont last.And the feeling that aint gonna come back fades away slowly but surely.We have a viva tomm.And that would be the last internal assessment...yaaaaay.......Spent the day reading Positioning.Currently started reading "Barbarians at the gate" - the era of LBOs and sinful riches of the managements......would love to watch the movie........Mite watch 'crash' today......with the exams having a 4 day break in between, a whitewater rafting trip to rishikesh looks very much in the offing :)

Flavor of the Week


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Been thinking of posting since quite sometime and this is when i get to do it!!!!With the lovely rains i felt that this was the perfect time for a night out(it is a different issue that i have quite a bit of work to do).It has been raining here for the last 24hours.Adding to all this is the chota mota parties taking place.

The last few days at the school after getting placed is a feeling that lotsa bschoolers love.It is the best time to catch up with the pile of movies on the server, see the city, eat out half the time.......But then absolute reality(one that is not in the head) is something that one can never get rid of.So the assignments and the exams continue.

There is a feeling of nostalgia among all of us.In that sense lemme put down a few more things that ive seen or learnt here(no particular order)

1. Guys go around wearing full hand shirts and shorts!!!!!
2. People live and die by deadlines(literally)
3. You learn to sleep or stay awake any point of time.You learn to manage without sleep for coupla days.You are a survivor.
4. An opportunity cost is created which makes people less courageous.An organization is your best shield when you make mistakes!!!!When you are on your own, you take it all home.
5. Lotsa things are done for CV value.Sad but true/Sad and true/true but sad?? ...well,the opinion is yours and it doesnt matter!!!!
6. Also,leaders and men of conviction are shaped here.You learn the importance of action and not reaction.You learn to appreciate the finer details(my learning on this aspect will not end).If you are wondering then yes,4 can exist with 6.
7. You stop being a dreamer and start becoming a wisher
8. You start using jargon and euphemisms.When a bschooler says point taken,it prolly means point taken and thrown away......
9. While management means to simplify things, you do the exact opposite(the reasons are many)
10. You know yourself much much better.The biggest takeaway are not the acads(the distance between acads and practicality gets even more obvious) nor the fat paychecks.It is the set of interactions that will help you in the long run.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

With the classes suspended for coupla days due to the FMS entrance exam, the timing was just perfect for me to attend the AUTO EXPO here.It being the first ever auto expo that ive been to, I felt that it was quite good. The place has got everything – right from small scooterettes to the Hayabusa, from hydrogen powered autos to huge military truckers that would definitely be the “Make your own road types”, from the audis to the F1 car of takuma sato. Some of the stalls are a treat for the extreme auto techies with variants of the braking, gear and other high tech gadgets like satellite positioning etc on display. The event sure did miss Daimler Chrysler and Toyota. The notable aspect of this was the huge crowds wherever there was a dance show or a fashion show.Well……..some things just don’t change……All in all it was definitely worth the 10000 indian paise I ended up paying for it.

As one of my friends said, the winter has mellowed down after lohri and normalcy is slowly returning to life what with the extreme cold making hibernating and watching movies the most productive activities possible……..Hoping to make tremendous productivity gains in the coming days……

Friday, December 16, 2005

The ideation for this post was from a conversation I couldn’t help overhearing in the bathrooms. With four generation of actresses trying to help shahrukh khan get out of the bathtub, the metrosexual man is on the way to be transformed into a ubersexual man who will later be transformed to ribersexual man(whatever that means) if this ad’s theme is continued into the next two decades. One of my batchmates was describing exfoliation to someone who just cannot believe that there is no relation between foliage and exfoliation(the language never ceases to surprise). The conversation made me realize the earthy nature of the homosapien and his long-lasting relation with snakes. If we integrate the scientific theories along with the religious ones, we kinda get a unified theory that leads me to believe that we are in the midst of a change that might never end. It starts of with the evolution of the sea creatures from a single-celled organism. Then came reptiles like snakes, then the mammals and then man. After this, god made woman and while this adam and eve lived happily in paradise, the snake tempted them to have apple. God took the snakes legs and banished man. But with the vagaries of life, man has to resort to different ways of exfoliating. While the snakes can have a heavy lunch, drink lot of water, lay still with eyes open for days together man cannot afford to do this(the bschools say that if u stay still, the competition will run you down and I have been running ever since). And this is where you cosmetic companies come in. You are provided with pastes, creams and applications that perform complex activities which only the best scientists can discern(they attempt to explain it with diagrams which results in ppl who do not want the product ending up buying it-I have lost 20 pounds ever since). And during this time,you need not drink lot of water to moult yourself. And thus, the modern man is able to rip off a layer regularly(ofcourse there are layers and layers) thus enabling the companies to reverse the old adage to “Infront of every woman lies a man”

Thought of the Week

If there is no materialism, then everything is immaterial

Thursday, December 08, 2005

With the exams outta da way, the last consequential exams of my life seem to be over(hopefully!!).........While the teachers contribute their bit towards making the exams a challenge, what makes em even more challenging is the winter-the kiss of death that nearly forced people to miss their exams............This was immediately followed by a International Conference on Human Capital(and its inhuman consequences!!!).......While we are busy wrapping it up,we have the FMS fest FIESTA from 10th-12th......The rather sober look of the website should not fool the participants into the amount of serious fun that can be experienced.......The themes have been fresh and new........A lotta work has gone into making it a reality......I have not been involved in all of this but i surely am able to appreciate the effort that has gone in...........

B-school life has entered the last phase.......Starts off with the induction summers and wham.......six-eight months gone.........then some competitions,campus events, juniors summers and wham 3/4ths of it gone..........The last period when you are burdened by the academic rigor the least, then come the at a bschool is patterned.Like the Oracle in matrix said "You have already made a choice.You are here to find out why you made a choice"........Quite a few people still are clueless(though they claim otherwise).........

Got some wok,will post later about the "Competitive Frenzy in b-schools".Hoping to get some inspiration from,well..............

Thursday, November 10, 2005

With the cold going onto the next plane, i have been forced to reschedule the timing of my somatic cycle!!!(its strange what a bschool can do to you).........Right now have decided to sleep in the afternoons in order to ensure that i dont end up sleeping for more than needed(money value of time you see,all the more important before the exams)..........Living a BPO schedule life sure is not new to a bschool but definetely new to me.......I manage to stay awake by pursuing activities that just eat away time(Blogging), eating and in activities that develop the overall personality(playing table tennis and engaging in pointless discussions)- all this apart from reading. While i juggle between transalation exposure and alternative simplex method for goal programming, its time for this break to end........Looking forward to the next break

Thought for the month

"This time is different"!!!!!!!